The nature, a world of senses …

Since my youngest age, nature is a passion …

• From the banks of the Loire to the Idaho mountains, from tropical islands to exceptional hikes in France, the observation becomes my watchword and drags me towards protecting the environment and naturalism.

• In 1992 I have the unique opportunity to integrate the renovation teams of the future Grand Gallery of Evolution of the National Natural History Museum of Paris.
Those years led me to discover the wealth of unique collections of the Museum and specifically the collections of botanical wax-models of eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
Astonished, surprised and captivated by the realism, freshness and poetry of this work, I’m soon passionate by these techniques almost forgotten.

• A mission in French Guiana’ s rainforest causes the click. Immersed in this untouched world, I decide to go through with this growing passion and attempts to transcribe by shaping and sculpting the beauty of the natural world.

• I left the museum in 2002 to settle as an artist naturalist.


LdTFascinated by the tales of travelers and naturalists and their discoveries, all imbued with artistic representations of the natural sciences, I want to express a view on the world of nature, specificaly botany and oceanography.